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Not only did you have a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown by Steelers behemoth James Harrison, but a dramatic rally, courtesy of Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald, that had the Cardinals on the brink of their first franchise title since 1947.

Warner hit Fitzgerald, who channeled an Olympic sprinter, for a 64-yard touchdown that gave the Cardinals a 23-20 lead with remaining in the fourth quarter.

Super Bowl XXXIII (Broncos 34, Falcons 19): Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway slaps hands with tackle Tony Jones after the Broncos scored on an 80-yard touchdown pass play to wide receiver Rod Smith. Super Bowl XXXVII (Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21): Tampa Bay's Dwight Smith races into the end zone ahead of pursuing Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon on a 44-yard interception runback for a touchdown.

Super Bowl XXXVI (Patriots 20, Rams 17): New England Patriots' kicker Adam Vinatieri celebrates his 48-yard game-winning field goal in the final seconds against the St. Super Bowl XLIII (Steelers 27, Cardinals 23): Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes catches the winning touchdown pass in front of Arizona Cardinals safety Aaron Francisco late in the fourth quarter.

This kind of anniversary is one whose pedigree Valley sports fans have been forced to endure. These “just-miss” events are not worth celebrating so much as they are a communal point of frustration.

That's part of the reason, perhaps, that fans do not lament that singular defeat in 2009 as the worst moment in Valley sports. This one, though, needed to be dusted off and re-lamented.

In my view, the right foot was in the air, the catch was made, the right toe then contacted the bottom of the left shoe and became stuck in the cleats a couple of inches off the ground. Schumacher, the Arizona Republic photographer, had the shot that he felt proved otherwise. The Cards would have the ball, as they did, at their 23-yard line, but with 23 seconds left instead of 29 seconds (the actual amount of time remaining seven years ago).


The 1948 Cleveland Browns of the AAFC also posted a 14-0 record.He's best known for his years in Pittsburgh, with whom he earned MVP honors in Super Bowl XLIII after hauling in the game-winning touchdown pass with 35 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter.


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