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What does the menu item 'check for changes on other computers' do?

If you want to check for changes on other computers immediately and don't want to wait until the time interval (as set on the Osa Sync Options page) has elapsed click the Osa Sync menu option check for changes on other computers. minutes on the options page to 0, Osa Sync will stop the automatic checking for changes.

Osa Sync permanently monitors your synchronized folders for changes and creates update files if there are.

So your folders will stay in sync automatically; you do not have to run a synchronization process manually (except a one time only synchronization preparation process). Nothing happens until you tell Osa Sync explicitly to keep a folder synchronized by running the prepare folder for synchronization wizard and choosing the folder you want to sync.


Please tell us about your problems so we can improve Osa Sync!To specify the time interval for FTP syncing go to the FTP options window: Osa Sync - Options; FTP Options and on the General Settings tab fill out the Transfer files with the FTP server option. minutes box will also be greyed out if no other computer are configured yet with the Osa Sync connection wizard.Can I use different Outlook versions on different Windows versions together?Syncing happens within Outlook, so Outlook has to be running.

Syncing happens automatically every x minutes where x can be set by the user (defaults to 10 minutes).So this is quite different from most syncing software where you have to manually start the syncing process (Although you can have Osa Sync sync only manually by setting the x minutes to 0 and choosing check for changes on other computer from the Osa Sync menu).


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