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Molly also tried to come to terms with being a widow after Hector's death and finds she has a suitor in the shape of new neighbour, Andrew.

When a man, Paul suddenly turns up, Archie and his mother Molly are shocked and upset to learn that his father once had an affair, and that Paul was the child produced.

To please all, Archie faces the challenge to save Glenbogle.

After his split with Justine, Archie finally knows where his future lies - at Glenbogle.

Archie meets the local school headteacher, Katrina Finlay, with whom he finds he is set to have a love-hate relationship.

The first book in that series is called The Monarch of the Glen, which was a reference to the famous painting of the same name by Landseer.

Paul returns to Glenbogle to start afresh but is treated like dirt by the locals.

Molly wonders whether she is in love after her relationship with Andrew starts to blossom.

Monarch of the Glen is a British drama television series produced by Ecosse Films for BBC Scotland and broadcast on BBC One for seven series between February 2000 and October 2005 with 64 episodes in total.

The first five series of Monarch of the Glen told the story of young restaurateur, Archie Mac Donald, trying to restore his childhood home in the Scottish Highlands, starring Alastair Mackenzie, Richard Briers, Susan Hampshire, and Dawn Steele, whilst the final two series of the show focused on new Laird Paul Bowman trying to modernise the estate, primarily starring Lloyd Owen, Tom Baker, Alexander Morton, and Susan Hampshire.With a relationship with Katrina set to bloom, Archie faces obstacles: with his new Head Ranger, Fergal Mac Clure who has also taken a shine to Katrina, and with Lexie, who seems to have her own eye on the Laird.


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