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Earlier my son used to study in boarding but then we withdrew him to take care of the home in absence of his father.In fact when he was 18, he passed his 10th class with very good marks and we decided to have a party at home.My name is pushpa and I am the mother of three children.I am normal Indian housewife and I belong to the middle class background. Though I am quite educated but I had to stay home to take care of my children.I was surprised to hear that he even played with my daughter and was comparing me to her.“yes my son, see if there is any milk left for you.” As soon as he heard me say this, he quickly latched on to my melons and took the nipple of my left chuchy in his mouth while he played with my right nipple nibbling it with his fingers.He even tries to take half of my boob in his mouth as if he was trying to eat it like a cake.This time I removed her blouse and bra fully after I removed her saree and petticoat and made her totally naked. During the gap of next shot I took a look on her whole body, with her legs up/down backside/side wards told her to stand and had looked her beautiful cunt and buttocks as I had looked it with only saree covered. If anybody is interested in safe and secret sex in india, pls email me.She told to switch of the lights and I started putting my penis into her cunt and started a full stroke of fucking. That day I fucked her five times very hard and tough and she enjoyed very much by holding her buttocks in my hand and fucking/kneeldownfucking etc. Aunties and married women interested in sex with different type of fucking plz email me.

Then finally I started her fucking with all my energy. She refused a lot but I convinced her and started slowly occupying her.

I have two lovely fair skinned daughters and a handsome son. In fact I bore him when I was 21 so now when he is 17 I am just 38 years of age.


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