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Fill out the pre-chat survey and you'll be connected with our Michigan-based Chat Agents during normal business hours.After hours, you'll be asked to leave a detailed message, and we will reach out to you on the next business day.Giving your teen responsibility over his or her money puts them on the road to financial independence, helping them to understand their financial priorities.With a Teen Checking Account from Launch FCU, your teen will be provided with their own ATM/Debit card that they can use to make purchases or withdrawal cash from an ATM.This page contains consumer credit and debt statistics - including statistics on credit card debt, card ownership, fraud, debit cards, bankruptcies and more - compiled by a UK. Statistics on this page will be updated periodically.Card ownership and use The volume of card payments - in particular, debit card payments - is forecast to increase substantially over the next decade.When you make a purchase with a debit card, the money is taken out of your checking account instantly.If someone uses your card number fraudulently, you could be responsible for some or […] Your Next Move With Launch FCU Congratulations to all Launch FCU members who recently graduated from high school.

In fact, teens make up to 31 percent of identity theft cases reported each year!

Total card payment volumes are expected to rise from 14.3 billion payments in 2016 to 21.9 billion in 2026.

In 2016 the total number of payment cards in use remained virtually unchanged at 164 million.

You'll be connected with our Michigan-based Member Service Representatives during normal business hours.

If you reach us after hours, please leave a detailed voicemail, and we will return your call the next business day. In contrast, the ATM-only card portfolio has halved to 11 million, mainly driven by the closure of dormant accounts and upgrades to debit cards.


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