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, psychologist Alison Gopnik reviewed the literature about the way young children learn, and she finds that the way preschoolers play is very similar to the way scientists do experiments: Kids come up with general principles, akin to scientific theories, based on the data of their daily lives.

Gopnik argues that the research should steer educators and policy makers away from more-regimented, dogmatic kinds of preschool instruction.

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Scientists have known for a while—as do most new parents—that babies and small children are phenomenally quick on the uptake.

Little ones spend most of their time systematically exploring the world through trial and error, and they grasp what seem like complex concepts very quickly.

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Have lived in this part of Mexico off and on for 12 years...

my first two years I taught in private schools here, previously taught in the US.

We compared sediment cores from Hawai‘i Island’s Kamilo Beach, notable for plastic accumulation, to cores from a nearby beach.


Compared to the nearby beach, Kamilo sediments contained more plastics (up to 30.2% by weight), were coarser-grained, and were more permeable ( = 0.002), which was partially attributed to the fragments increasing the mean grain size.

The infant knew that drawing several red balls out of the bin was unlikely, and therefore noteworthy.


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