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She freely admits Roy Rogers was her hero and came as close as one can to serving as her surrogate father!


They were planes that were taken out over the reef and pushed off intact after the war ended.'But seeing planes underwater is strange, planes don't belong in the water, they belong in the sky, so it feel weird to dive on them. And because these planes didn't sink because of the war they are special.Radio and television host and producer Rick Huff's column, Western Air, covers the Western radio scene.The column is a regular feature of the Western Music Association's quarterly magazine, The Western Way, and we're pleased to have past columns posted below.Holding true to the Cowboy philosophy, Bell is in charge of supplying music suitably attuned to the weeks subject as well as lining up many of the guests.

All of the shows hosts agree on one theme statement: If its not fun, we wont do it!!

He has co-produced CD's for Sons of the Rio Grande and Jim Jones.


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    If you are interested in having a man completely obsessed with you and All three of these text messages are designed so that they are not very direct, just like some of the dirty talking phrases I’ve written about in the past.

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    Amazon is giving its voice-enabled Echo speaker a touch screen and video-calling capabilities as it competes with Google’s efforts at bringing “smarts” to the home.

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