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I found it here: An emotional affair is when a person not only invests more of their emotional energy outside their marriage, but also receives emotional support and companionship from the new relationship…In an emotional affair, a person feels closer to the other party and may experience increasing sexual tension…cheaters are often guilt-free in an emotional affair because there is no sex involvedinto an emotional affair if there is a sexual attraction between the couple.

A danger sign is if they start excluding others, and start keeping their meetings secret… Chances are that the answer will be no, because if one party in a committed relationship has a physical affair, even if it is a one-night stand, it raises some questions in the mind of the other party: This is precisely why people want to brush a physical sexual transgression under the carpet!

On the other hand, a physical affair is just that…purely physical. And there is also more trust as people don’t fall in love too often, not in most cases.

No, I am not saying that an emotional affair is not dangerous to a marriage.

Just because you see a photo of a beautiful Latina girl, is that who you are chatting with?

Some of the online reviews that we have read have said that the photographs are actually have paid models.

Our unbiased review of Amo is available for you to read in detail. Then it goes onto say that the "positive reviews are spam that are written by the employees of the company".

This makes it very lucrative for the dating site to operate on a credit based system.90 percent of Americans believe that adultery is immoral, but many as 37 percent of men and 22 percent of women admit to having affairs!Even in Britain, it is a similar story, and in Canada too.So we really have no way to identify if these are legitimate members of the site or if the photograph have been purchased and then use to create a profile.


Yes you are interacting with real people, but are they even female?Basically the more you interact with people on the site the more money the website makes.


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