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From what I've heard, this actually seems to be a placeholder text similar to object event in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Cryptic Lynx (talk) , March 9, 2015 (UTC) Sometimes when you die after being attacked in the creature stage the sound of the attack plays over and over. Generally, on low-end computers/laptops, you may not be able to load previous files in the space stage, or start new ones.This can happen normally with a low-end operating system.A baby nest member started singing (with the Hell Hound mouth) and the noise started looping. All of the mixed noises were looping now, and it was kinda hurting my ears.Then, the game froze and the noises were still looping when I turned the laptop off.Sometimes if you move on to the Creature Stage,your creature will not run to land and your nest will be underwater.The sea monster will not attack, except if you go onto land, in which case it will rise out the ground and devour you as it would in the water.Before the game froze, I decided to take a video and maybe upload it to You Tube. Did it have a lasting effect, or was it a one-time thing?But when I watched the video (to revise it) there was ABSOLUTELY NO sound. Because sometimes games just freak out and it only happens once.


Cryptic Lynx (talk) , March 9, 2015 (UTC) sometimes if you kill a tribe in tribal stage, whenever you get near the destroyed tribe it will play the attacking theme While in the pause menu of the Creature or Cell Stage, it is possible that you can launch your creature afar, causing them to glitch out and die. (Requesting verification.) This is a game wrecking glitch that accompanies "BAD-DATA".

This glitch is irksome, but nothing to be worried about.

Just make the cell symmetrical and advance into creature stage.

Although this is normal, when your tribe impresses the attacking tribe to be your ally, even after the alliance animation, your defensive member will consistently attack your allied perpetrator.

Both of the tribes will start attacking each other, but the relationship does not deteriorate, therefore, when you try attacking them back, it says that you cannot attack allies.This glitch could completely throw you off-course, mainly because you have no control over what your tribe does in retaliation, as well the possibility of many of your villagers being killed.



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