Dating fender amps chassis number


The reason I'm looking to sell this car is that I've figured out I already spend more money on this than I initially planned. Let me know if you would like additional pictures or information. Buyer responsible to arrange for pickup or transport. Original radio illuminates but no sounds from speakers. No leaks, srs light is on (clock spring of course), vehicle literally drives like new with the exception of some inner driver shudder when accelerating hard in the vehicle.I'm not very good with car repair myself it's getting more and more expensive. I would never sell it if I had a cheap place to park. The Saab is also listed for sale locally, and Seller does reserve the right to end the auction at any time. All trim is complete and the clear coat is peeling. To summarize: A fast SPG stripped of some luxuries, needs some work and loving home. Color: Red Trans: Automatic Mileage: 42,000 Price: ,750 Bought the car a couple years ago with 35,000 miles. I have worked on/owned these cars for almost 25 years myself.We have the owners manuals and leather binder, a box of extra fuses and electrical parts and 2 complete replacement antennas. The A/C needs service or replacement and the cruise control isn't working. Week old clean CARFAX report and 2015 AZ emissions report (FAIL) in photo gallery. If your state requires an emissions test, the catalytic converter will need to be replaced. Red on black, one dent on left front fender and some clear coat failure on the hood.We had some emissions work done last week and had the car retested. More photos available in my Member Photo Gallery: Click Here Color: Edwardian Gray Trans: Manual Mileage: 122,789 Price: 00 This Saab has been storing in the garage the since 2008. Color: Red Trans: Manual Mileage: Unknown Price: 00 1993 900 Turbo that started life as a S model 5 speed. Interior is in good shape, driver seat shows wear and dash has cracks.The car had a lot of issues and all have been taken care by a very nice guy Roland from Swedish Underground, Brooklyn. The air conditioner is complete, however, it doesn't work. Car belonged to an artist in NYC who used on weekend trips to the Hamptons. 90 percent dealer serviced its whole life, and all the stamps in the maintenance book to prove it. Some cracks in the dash and the headliner is up but is not perfect since it is "all original".


I havent played it for a couple years,i should probly look at the caps before i plug it in... A 12779Production number is blank, just an underline, no number (hand written or printed).I drove about 1 thousand miles for the last year since I've bought it occasionally on weekends. Clean California title and registration paid until June 2018. I have owned for 2 years and am just ready to let it go onto someone else who will love and care for it, I do not drive it often to justify keeping it.It's been always stored in the lower level garage in my apartment building. Now for the things that need checking out, tires are going to need replacement because tires are not in round shape. Needs paint work on driver's side rear quarter panel. True mileage unknown and clean Va title reflects this. Color: Iridium Blue Trans: Manual Mileage: 121,500 Price: 00 This is one of those cars, one owner, one elderly woman owned(Bought when she was about 70, driven till she was almost 90! I just bought the car off her son who is 60ish years old. All new exhaust including exhaust manifold, new fuel pump, updated/upgraded factory transmission early on in its life.The (old and yellowing) tube layout sticker on the inside right doesn't have a date stamp on it, although it probably did at one time and it's just faded away.

There's a metal stamped serial number (A61643) on the upper right on the back plate of the chassis.

They are not of a concern with dating as only the 2 letter date codes on whichever chart or sticker and the transformer number comes into play for that....


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