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When it comes to dating women, you probably have heard the advice “Just Be Yourself! You may even have followed it to the T and took the advice literally for all your encounters with women.

Truth is, if you take to it by simply being yourself on dates or in public, it can actually repel girls and turn them off rather than make them interested in knowing more about you.

For instance, many guys tend to be too ‘wussy’ and ‘submissive’ by showering girls with gifts, affection and attention in an attempt to be ‘liked’.

David shares that women do not get attracted by such actions and would often play even harder to get.

With the Cocky and Funny technique, you’ll be more friendly, easier going and more dateable.

While well-meaning people threw you the advice for your own good, I’m pretty sure by now you would have realized that just being yourself is nowhere near enough for you to be able to get the girl of your dreams.

He then fills the gap by detailing several laws of attraction and what to do to break out of the ordinary so that she notices you, and then how to jab her with an addictive rush of adrenaline so that she feels attracted and want to get closer.

Sometimes you just can’t find that in the person you married.Picture this: we’re in Buffalo Wild Wings with eight teenage boys at one table (wanting nothing to do with the accompanying adults), and my ex-husband, his live-in girlfriend, my boyfriend, and me at the next table.The four of us sat there for two hours, laughing, joking, and chatting like we were couples who’ve been friends for years. My ex-husband lost interest in me long before our marriage officially ended.I’d been settling for a long time and I deserved better.

From this place of healing, the anger subsided, the pain eased, and I began to feel strong, whole, and secure in my own skin.David echoes this sentiment throughout his book, and reasons his sentiments with very fundamental principles that, due to the inherent differences between men and women, will never change.


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