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There is a reason why the opportunity has shown itself (this is called ‘You are Ready’) and there is reason why heart is giving You a message (once more, this is called ‘You are Ready’)- get it? Ready for change, alchemization, and to walk and wield Your power… ‘Never Was’ had a hard job, to push the Moon across the sky…The fringers, the discoverers, the creators realized, are the Ones who make the big moves in the emergence and advancement of humanity. Sew Fire Tagsabundance, Activation, Ambition, application, astrology, Be Love See Love, Be Wise, Beautiful You, capricorn, Change, choose love, Choose Wisely, Courageous, create, Creating Your Dreams, creation, Declarations, Dissipation, dreams, Egg, Endurance, faith, Fearless, Going Deeper, going within, Gratitude, happiness, heartfelt, Hope, Humility, I Believe, I Love You, Information, inspiration, intention, jupiter, knowledge, Laughter, learning, level up, Life Changing, Lightning, lightning medicine, Listening, Love, lunar cycles, magnificence, magnificent, manifestation, Moon Time, neptune, new moon, New World, opportunities, Ouroboros, Overcoming, perfection, perspective, Perspectives, Presence, Prosperity, Push Through, Reality, rebirth, reflection, Relationships, Remembering, ritual, sacred, Sacred Dance, sacred feminine, sacred space, self-mastery, soul work, Superpowers activated, transformations, trust your intuition, trust yourself, truth, universe, vision, Win Win, wisdom, womens wisdom, worthy, You are beautiful, You are priceless, You Are Sacred Dear Beautiful You… Beyond the thousands of sites dedicated to each translator’s own interpretations of this day, this one is my own. This date of 1/11 is one of manifesting, the ability to Dream, to Awaken, and to Inform/In Form- in other words this is a day to bring Your dreams into this reality. • found Yourself wondering why the cycles are still showing up, why the old patterns are still so prevalent, why You can not seem to shake old belief systems that serve nothing good in Your world? ‘Never Was’ didn’t notice, as she was not used to any One speaking to her directly. And immediately a red star called Antares took another step in love. No One had ever spoken to her that way, and certainly never told her those magyc words of ‘thank You’. A bright light type of seed, that only emerges after a One remembers that the truth is way more powerful than any story. And such it was that the dark was made brighter that night, when a red star named Antares reminded a ‘Never Was’ that she actually was ‘Even Greater Than She Had Ever Realized’…Tagsadvancement, alchemy, aura, auric field, Be Love See Love, body follows mind, breathe, Changes, create, Divine, divine feminine, dreams, encouragement, energetic level, enlightenment, envision, fear stories, focused, full potential, go within, grace, Grateful, Gratitude, heal yourself, Healing, hear your heart, heart work, how to heal, imagination, inner journey, inspire, inspiring, intentional living, Journey, journey within, Life, like attracts like, maximize your potential, messages, metaphysical, mind body connection, mind body spirit, moon medicine, new moon, Patrick Collard, ready for change, reflections, remember, sacred, sacred feminine, see yourself, self awareness, self development, self esteem, sew fire, shadow work, shaman, shamanic healing, shamanic journey, soul work, sow fire, spiritual, spiritual guide, spirituality, stay focused, stories, take action, the work, Tia Lavoie, tribe, visions, wellness, what does your heart say, wield your power Yes- Yours. •Did You fall into Your own stories of ‘scary’ and fear cycles? Thank You to the 3 people who inspired this writing this day- I hope We All See Ourselves in This… Our vibrations and their transmissions all stem from the root of this Source. You are Source, creating and bringing and receiving into Your reality at all times. What does Your self talk and thoughts look like on this day and in this moment? With the magyc of 11, repeated within the number of this date- 1/11- We are also clearing up any old residuals, situations/personal experiences and energies that are no longer in the alignment of Our hearts. ”.’ Have You Ever: • felt the need to take time for Yourself, to nurture and wander deeper into hidden spaces awaiting Your very own treasures of Self-discovery? “Hello, there”, he said, feeling a little nervous over first words, but hearts can help Us do things that We never believed We could muster. Immediately she felt ashamed at assuming he was talking to her, immediately she found herself creating the story as to why no One would ever want to speak to her. ‘Never Was’ had to blink a few times to keep the tears back.


we have decided to separate.” While Paltrow endures what she calls a “difficult time,” soon the day will arrive when the Academy Award-winner decides she’s ready to begin dating again.

* Fire Ceremonies, at night, to assist in the turning and change that comes with each new step taken on the journey and the empowerment to apply the wisdom of the cycles into the every day experience of life for transformation and expansion. Here is a secret, Dear Beautiful You- change is inevitable, and what a beautiful gift to be able to create within these changing spaces. The You they attempted to tame- control, conform or shame?

* to cultivate and reconnect on and in deeper levels both within and without while remembering to trust Our hearts. I could tell You how Mercury (the planet of communication and introspection) is soon righting itself and what that means is that Our levels of Self Awareness increase in challenging lessons and quantum leaps of realizations. Thank You to the You who went through the sad to see Your compassion, and the You who went through the pressure to create the diamond.

* live satsangs in the Great Kiva (a puebloan sacred meeting room where holy teachings are gifted) with Tia La Voie of Be Love See, where understanding, expansion and growth are gifts to be discovered. ‘Hanged Man’s’ card You, Heirophant You, Suit Of Cups You. Thank You to the You who has been ridiculous, angry, rejected and resentful.

Here is where the understanding of the Butterfly Way will be shared with You, each day: the life lived with Our bellies close to the ground until the ‘Calling’ to go deeper’, the ritual of going into the dark in order to see clearly and have Our ‘Great Dreaming’, and the emergence of coming into the light by the butterfly known as the ‘Sacred Rising’. There is change happening at this end of the year cycle, Dear Beautiful You. Thank You to the You who has enjoyed in joy, who still rides Unicorns, and saves the day just before the last condition on the witch’s curse comes to fruition. *What matters is that You condition Your own disciplines and continue moving forward. With that being said, may We all witness and remember love this day. I love You, ~ The I That Is You ——— Gratitude Special ——— To say thank You, and to honour these days of grateful and giving- Today and Tomorrow Only as a Be Love See Love Super Special – Single Sessions: 1 Session Bundles: 3/ 0 5/ 0 10/ 00 *You deserve to walk empowered *Christmas is just around the corner and sessions can be gifted to Others *Thank You for being the blessing that You are to this World🔥 Happy Thanks Giving Tagsabundance, accountability, alchemist, alchemize, alchemy, apprenticeship, astrologer, astrology, awaken, Be Love See Love, be the change, begin from within, believe, body follows mind, body mind connection, body mind spirit, breathe, chakra, confidence, courage, create, Divine, Divinity, dream, dream big, earth magic, Earthwalk, Empowerment, energy work, enlightenment, expand, Fearless, feel good, Feminine, food for thought, free spirit, freedom, goasl, Gratitude, growth, guide, happy, Healing, healing journey, healing power, healthy, healthy mind, hear your heart, heart work, heartlight, high vibes, higher self, i believe in you, iam, inspiration, inspirational, Intuition, Katabasis, knowledge, law of attraction, leader, level up, life coach, light up the dark, Love, love warrior, love wins, love yourself, lovewins, magic, manifest, meditate, meditation, mentor, mindfullness, mindset, motivation, new moon, no ledge, numerology, organic, overstand, overstanding, peace, peaceful, peaceful warrior, positive vibes, positivity, prayer, Presence, psychic, purpose, Quick Change, rabbit hole, raise your vibration, rebirth, reflections, remember, rise up, ritual, sacred, sacred feminine, Scorpio, self awareness, self care, self confidence, self development, self discovery, self esteem, self help, self love, self realizations, self-mastery, Self-Worth, shaman, shamanic journey, shine bright, soul coach, soul work, soulful, spirit, spirit work, spiritual, spiritual guide, spiritualalignment, spirituality, success, success coach, surrender, teacher of teachers, the light is within you, Tia Lavoie, tribe, trust your intuition, trust yourself, truth, understanding, well being, wellness, wild feminine, wild spirit, wild women, wisdom, wise women, witches, You are priceless, you have a choice ‘Never Was’ was never happy… ‘Never Was’ always expected for the stars to yell at her or the sky to scold her for doing such a horrible job. Oh well, probably because she was ‘Never Was’ and ‘Never Was’ wasn’t very important. No One cared enough to be upset, they all already expected her to not be good at whatever she did, she was, after all, ’Never Was’. Of course it was, she was ‘Never Was’ and ‘Never Was’ was never good enough, didn’t We establish that in the beginning?


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    Shidduch is the Hebrew word for a marriage match, and Orthodox Jews (including the more assimilated Modern Orthodox) now refer to the excess supply of unmarried women in their communities as the Shidduch Crisis. Or maybe it’s the women who are holding out for the Mormon or Jewish George Clooney?

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    She isn't down for a webcam show because she is a bore who wouldn't know a good chat site if her mother worked at one.

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    Many online dating users especially senior users often complain about getting contacts from really young members which are not serious daters from some general dating sites.

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    Watching a You Now stream can be an overwhelming experience.

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    No one will send him aggressive commands to put this on, or take this off.

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    With IBM being so large it is often harder than anticipated to find talent / new resources to fill roles from our internal employee talent pool.

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