Fake millionaire dating show

This nightclub was kind of place where if a man wasn’t wearing a gold chain, one might be given to him as a loaner for the evening. My boss also introduced me to the concept of the “K a year millionaire”. In a place where image and appearance is so important, younger men have to keep up. This is not easy in a place where millionaires and billionaires frequent the land. Four years ago I had a young man of about 26 working for me.

I was single, in full-on beta mode, and a rather unattractive sample of the male gender. Hit the nightclubs where the hotties hang out and claim “I’m a hedge fund manager” or some such nonsense.

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The bottle had been purchased 25 years ago by his father for a five-digit sum and had been valued at 50,000 Swiss francs (£40,000).

At the time, the hotel said it would take legal action against whoever sold them the bottle if was found to be fake.The hotel, which served the two-centilitre drink in good faith believing it to be real, asked experts in Scotland to check the contents and it has now been revealed to be a fake.



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