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yet in the press of action, it’s amazing how many jump right to execution, either skipping planning entirely or paying it mere lip service.In fact, project managers have a phrase that encapsulates this problem.The antenna was a 35ft wire soldered to the center of a PL-259, taped to the side of a 40ft fiberglass mast from Spiderbeam.


It beat lugging around some sort of drive-on support! ) into the amp and plug the antenna straight into the balun.True emergencies are not the norm, however, although unprepared project managers can make everything seem like an emergency.As Eisenhower says, you need to get serious about planning…(Obviously this means they are exceeding allowable field strength limits, but I bear them no ill-will, so I don’t want to identify the station.) I asked the station engineer why he thought the set-up worked so well and he said, “I use 120 full size 1/4 wave radials.” I asked him how he found the space to fit them all, and he said, “I laid them out in a spiral pattern.” I finally, finally got the latest revision of the WN8U Logger released. A lot of the code complexity has been cleaned up and I now have excellent support for the Winkey, KX3 CW/PSK/RTTY internal keyers, and even the KX3 digital voice recorder.

The K3 should work on the KX3 settings, though I will add explicit support for the K3 soon.However, not everything in a project is an emergency…


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